Panasonic saves time with a quick wet shave

Depending on who you speak to, beards are sexy. But if you have a beard and someone in your life doesn’t want you to have one, it may be time to give that thing a shave, and Panasonic has just the answer.

Two new electric shavers have been released by the company this week, with the ergonomically designed three-bladed ES-SL41 and ES-ST23 shavers.

The ES-ST23 comes in both red and black.

Neither have particularly sexy names, but both can be used on both wet and dry skin, and feature insanely sharp “nano-edge” blades, waterproof bodies, two colours, and a pop-up trimmer for maintaining stubble.

The difference between the two models mostly comes from the price and power, the the ST23 using a 13,000 RPM motor and costing $269.95, while the SL41 rings up at $199.95 and uses a slightly less powerful 10,000 RPM motor.

We’re sure both should trim pretty much any beard or moustache you can throw at it, but if you have a particularly strong mo, you may want to go all out and grab the one with the bigger motor.

Both can be carried with you on the go and feature universal voltage, so could be the perfect gift for Father’s Day, which is right around the corner.

Panasonic's ES-SL41 arrives in red and blue for $199.95.