Panasonic SC-ZT1 wireless home theatre system

Panasonic has unveiled its first fully wireless home theatre system, the SC-ZT1. Now home theatre enthusiasts can do away with speaker cables and arrange speakers throughout the room without worrying about tripping hazards or unsightly cables crossing the floor. Uncompressed audio data is sent over a wireless 2.4-GHz frequency band to ensure high-quality sound.

The SC-ZT1 debuts Panasonic’s elegant Sound Slim Speakers which are engineered by arranging four speakers vertically inside a slim pole to achieve a parallel sound system. This creates a lifelike virtual 7.1 sound from two ultra slim pole-type speakers, which provides ideal listening conditions whether you are lying down or sitting on a sofa in front of a TV.

Even though the SC-ZT1 is a two-speaker system, Panasonic’s virtual technology lets users enjoy Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD 7.1-channel surround sound by combining it with a Panasonic Blu-ray disc player or recorder with built-in audio codecs – so if you don’t have the space to install eight speakers, you can still enjoy realistic sound.

The speakers also boast an integrated subwoofer. This long-stroke woofer, with a diameter of approximately 12 cm, is built into the speaker stand and generates sounds in the low-frequency range that are typically produced by subwoofers. Because it uses a Down-Fire structure, which releases the sound facing downward toward the floor, powerful and deep bass sounds are achieved within a compact body.

Panasonic SC-ZT1 wireless home theatre systemThe SC-ZT1 is compatible with Panasonic’s intelligent VIERA Link, which offers streamlined menu control when the SC-BT207 is linked to a VIERA TV via HDMI. VIERA Link also facilitates two new power saving features: ‘Standby Power Save’, which minimises the power consumption of connected devices; and ‘Intelligent Auto Standby’, which automatically switches connected devices to standby when not in use.

Price and availability

The Panasonic SC-ZT1 is supplied as a two-speaker and wireless receiver pack. It will be available in August from consumer electronics retailers, with the pricing to be confirmed closer to the launch date.