Panasonic sets up the summer for slow-juicing, slushy making

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One of the downsides of a juicer is that after the initial two weeks of juicing is over, the appliance generally sits at the back of the cupboard waiting to be used. Fortunately, Panasonic has a remedy: make the juicer into a frozen treat maker.

That’s the plan for a new breed of slow juicer from the company, as Panasonic’s MJ-L500SST bills itself as a slow juicer that also can be used to make frozen tasty treats thanks to a special basket attachment made for the inside of the juicer to replace the regular juicing basket.


First there’s the machine, relying on a large turbine-shaped screw to apply pressure at 45 revolutions per minute to break and squeeze juice out of the fibre, while the basket separates the pulp from the liquid and forces the residual pulp out the other side, landing in a separate jug.

That’s not a totally new thing, and most slow juicers separate fibre from liquid in much the same way, with a screw mechanism often breaking the fibre down to get it to this point.


Where Panasonic deviates is with the frozen basket, which will take frozen fruit and crunch it down to size to churn out streams of frozen slushy fruit, falling out a little like soft serve, albeit made of fruit instead of sugar, milk, and cream.

“Summer is when we’re more conscious of eating healthier and leading more active lifestyles,” said Belinda Toner, Product Marketing Manager for Small Appliances at Panasonic Australia.

“Our Slow Juicer is the perfect accessory for those consumers who want to quickly whip up a fresh juice or a delicious frozen dessert.”



Panasonic’s MJ-L500SST will come with the frozen fruit basket in the box, as well as a jug (beaker) for both the pulp and juice, and an anti-drip cap. Pricing for the juicer comes in at $349, with availability of the appliance in stores now.