Panasonic talks up new phones with built-in baby monitors

We’ve certainly seen our fair share of home phone evolutions this week, what with Telstra’s new tablet-based home phone arriving, but Panasonic has a different approach on how the digital telephone should evolve.

One of the world’s largest suppliers in home communications equipment, Panasonic is attempting to change the home phone by making it more stylish and throwing in a baby monitor.

It’s not the sort that will give you a video link on what your newborn is doing, though, with the Panasonic 856 series of home phones automatically picking up on the sound of a crying baby and calling one of the paired handsets or an external phone number to inform someone that the baby is in distress.

“We are proud to offer cordless phones that combine modern, stylish design with advanced features such as our Baby Monitor feature, which gives busy parents that peace of mind in the home,” said Charissa Sano, Product Manager for Panasonic Australia’s Home Communications department.

The Panasonic 856 series with built-in baby monitor.

While the baby monitor technology is specific to the TG856 series of Panasonic home phones, it’s not the only handset being announced, with the slightly less expensive 816 also being made available.

Both handsets feature a anti-blackout mode that helps if the power runs low or cuts out, eco modes to reduce power consumption, built in alarm clocks, and a 1.8 inch colour LCD good for showing up to 200 names and numbers in the phonebook.

Each are heading to stores now, with the TG856 arriving for $149.95 and $199.95 in twin and triple packs (respectively) and the TG816 coming in at $129.95 and $179.95 for twin and triple packs (respectively).

Don't need the baby monitor? Save twenty bucks with Panasonic's TG816 series.