Panasonic Televisions in Australia – R.I.P.

Panasonic Televisions
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Panasonic Australia has announced that it is withdrawing from the Australian TV market. It will sell the remaining Panasonic televisions that are in stock, and that will be it. This announcement doesn’t affect its other products.

The last launch of Panasonic televisions in Australia was in June last year. We covered it here and here.

This is a sad day. I’m uncertain how long Panasonic has been selling TVs here, but it is certainly since at least the 1970s, and perhaps the 1960s. The first 65 inch plasma I ever saw was a Panasonic at one of its product launches. And its quality has been consistently with or above the best of the pack. Earlier today, someone asked me which TV I thought currently best on the market. I said Panasonic OLED.

Panasonic hasn’t made its own panels for some years, but the video processing behind the panels has been the best, creating remarkably watchable images out of even standard definition TV.

So why no more Panasonic televisions in Australia? Panasonic says it took the decision “in light of current local market conditions”. Which is code for saying what everyone in the industry knows: price competition in the TV segment is intense. And that means tight margins. I guess Panasonic Australia reckons it can get a better return on its resources in other product segments.

Announcement on Panasonic Televisions

Panasonic Australia has decided to withdraw from the Australian television market in 2020, in light of current local market conditions and to allow the company to focus on other established and emerging areas of the business.

Panasonic has informed our valued retail partners of this decision, and will continue to build on our strong and successful relationship with them as we work together to offer the diverse range of Panasonic products to Australian consumers.

Our current range of high-quality television models will continue to be sold via retailers in Australia while stocks last. Panasonic Australia will also continue to provide customer service to all owners of its television products. We will always put our customers first and provide the highest level of support.

This decision will not affect any other products in our Home AV range or any other categories, which remain available in Australia in 2020 and beyond.

We’re excited by what’s in store this year across our broad portfolio of consumer electronics and appliance categories – including our popular audio, video and LUMIX imaging products, our growing range of personal care and kitchen appliances, and our award winning air conditioning range, as well as our recently re-launched Technics premium audio brand.

Panasonic has been an industry leader in consumer electronics for more than 100 years and we are proud of the enduring success of our business in Australia. Panasonic will continue to evolve its portfolio of products and solutions to meet the needs of the Australian market.

Panasonic’s site for its TVs is, for the moment, here.