Panasonic’s 2009 range of plasma TVs – B.I.G is G.O.O.D

Panasonic Australia today revealed its most advanced range of VIERA Plasma TVs. The 11 new VIERA models feature a combination of revolutionary advancements, making them Panasonic’s thinnest, fastest, brightest, smartest plasma TVs to ever hit the Australian market.

Panasonic’s leadership and innovation in plasma technology is clearly demonstrated through its development of NeoPDP (Next Generation Plasma Display Panels) – the Built-in Genius behind Panasonic’s amazing new product range. A revolutionary new design concept, NeoPDP redefines Plasma, vastly expanding the possibilities in image quality, power consumption and thin design.

In 2009, Panasonic will introduce its first 1-inch ultra-thin and 2-inch super thin plasma TVs, as well as Panasonic’s first Wireless 1080p HD Plasma in its Premium Full HD range. Panasonic’s V10 and Z1 Series Premium Full HD Plasma models are also the first to meet the strict standards for THX certification.

Thanks to the improved 600Hz Sub-field Drive technology consumers can enjoy the clearest, sharpest fast-moving images in Full High Definition. The new NeoPDP VIERA Plasma models all incorporate a dynamic contrast ratio of 2,000,000+:1 that delivers rich, deep blacks for superior image quality.

The 2009 plasma family debuts a new screen size (54-inch), and features a range of HD and Full HD models, offering consumers more choice and greater operation ease than ever before. Across the range Panasonic has incorporated improved connectivity features, such as VIERA Image Viewer, making it possible to view AVCHD movie footage directly from an SD memory card, or turn your HDTV into a giant digital photo frame and view JPEG images from your camera, via the TV’s SD card slot. Intuitive VIERA Link allows for easy-to-use and convenient single remote control operation of multiple Panasonic AV devices via HDMI.

Energy savings

In 2009, Panasonic also debuts its Eco PDP range – designed with a focus on high image quality and energy-efficiency.

All Panasonic’s 2009 VIERA plasma HDTVs have improved energy efficiency and will be launched to the market with a new energy star rating label as part of the voluntary labelling scheme. Furthermore, Panasonic has launched its Energy Wise website ( with information about the energy star ratings of each Panasonic VIERA model, and an easy-to-use calculator that allows consumers to determine the running costs for their household.

All 2009 VIERA plasma models are equipped with an integrated High Definition Digital Tuner, so consumers can enjoy all the free-to-air digital channels including High Definition broadcasts. This means that Panasonic VIERA TVs are future-proof and ready for the digital switchover.


This year, Panasonic brings the highly anticipated NeoPDP to Australian loungerooms. NeoPDP combines fundamental improvements in materials and processes, discharge gas and cell design, and circuit and drive technology, making the NeoPDP a revolution in plasma display. Boasting twice the luminous efficiency of previous displaysi the NeoPDP offers exciting new possibilities in image quality.

Another ground-breaking development of NeoPDP is improved energy efficiency. Additionally, Panasonic’s superior product quality means that each panel has been designed with a long lifetime of up to 100,000 hoursii Intelligent power saving features such as Standby Power Save mode further assist consumers to reduce the energy consumption of the TV when not in use. All Panasonic plasma TVs are lead and mercury free.