Panasonic’s G5 announced, skips a generation

Like it did with its last G series model, Panasonic will skip a digit in its naming convention and move the G3 straight to a G5 when its next flagship Micro Four Thirds camera lands locally in just a few weeks.

Set to arrive in late August, the G5 will bring a new 16 megapixel sensor, higher speed burst shooting, and improved auto-focus technology using Panasonic’s “Light Speed AF” system.

The rear 3 inch LCD screen can be pulled out and articulated to various angles, while the screen itself retains Panasonic’s hallmark touch screen functionality, with more of that lovely touch-to-focus technology we’ve seen in older models.

More than just an improved set of technical specs, Panasonic is refining the body, with aluminium used in the build along with resins and plastics to make the camera easier to hold and more durable long term.

Images gain more creative control inside the camera, with 14 filters, as well as a new interface that allows you to adjust how much effect is applied and previews what it will look like.

“The hallmarks of this camera are precise, high-speed shooting and category-leading image quality,” said Panasonic Australia’s Group Marketing Manager for the Lumix brand.

“It incorporates all the premium G Series features that enthusiasts expect, as well as introducing some innovations for streamlined shooting such as a convenient zoom lever, eye sensor, and ‘Scene Guide’ with a selection of images to assist the less experienced photographer.”

To go with this announcement, Panasonic has also talked up a new G series lens designed for this camera, while being compatible with every other camera that takes the Micro Four Thirds mount.

The Lumix 45-150mm offers up a range of f/4.0 to f/5.6 through its range, and is effectively equal to 90-300mm on a 35mm camera, making it comparable to the 70-300mm lenses that conventional DSLRs take.

Unfortunately, the release of these two pieces of kit don’t coincide, with the Panasonic G5 camera hitting in August, while the lens lands in October. No pricing has been announced at this time.

Hopefully we’ll be getting our hands on the cameras shortly for a quick preview before they make it to stores.