Panasonic’s range of 14 new plasma and LCD TVs

Panasonic has released an impressive 14 different models of flat panel television, including Australia’s first ever 46 inch Full HD plasma model. It will also offer 32 (81 cm) and 37 inch (94 cm) LCDs, doubtless in an attempt to slow the steamroller impact of competitors Sony and Samsung in that space.

Touting the fluid reproduction of fast-moving imagery, perfect for Olympian action, as the reason to go plasma, the full HD Viera plasmas will ship with the ‘PZ’ moniker, have 100Hz scan technology to produce those ‘smooth as’ images and range in screen size from 42 (106 cm) to 65 inches (165 cm), starting at $2,899. The three ‘PX’ HD models go from $1,699 to $2,399 and all should last you, Panasonic says, for 30 years of regular viewing.

On the LCD side, the new ‘LZD’-designated full HD panels start at $1,999 for the 32 inch and include two 37 inch models at $2,399 and $2,899 for the ‘premium’ model. All five models, including two regular HD units, employ the smoothing ‘Motion Picture Pro 2’ 100Hz technology.

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