Pandora makes Facebook more musical, show your taste on your Timeline

Discovering new music is a great activity, but unless you have people chilling with you at your home or workplace, it’s not easy to share those discoveries. Pandora might have a solution, though, joining with Facebook to provide sharing, if you’re, you know, into that.

Pandora’s online radio-replacement service that works from your likes and dislikes to create a station just for your unique self will now allow that person (you) to publish music activity straight to the Facebook Timeline.

“Music is a central part of many people’s lives and at Pandora we recognise that it can be both an intensely personal experience and a highly social experience,” said Tom Conrad, Pandora Chief Technology Officer.

“For those who want to share, Pandora’s new Timeline app serves as another platform for music exposure and discovery, which benefits listeners, artists and advertisers. With Facebook’s recent addition of the Music section for timeline, we’re now offering personalised social sharing experiences for every type of listener.”

Pandora’s Managing Director in Australia, Jane Huxley, also chimed in for the announcement, saying that “with Australia and New Zealand being among the top global users of social media per capita, today’s announcement will resonate with many of our local listeners.”

“Pandora’s A/NZ user numbers are growing rapidly, so the ability for people to share their personal music tastes with their friends via Facebook is something we are excited to offer listeners who would like to do so,” she said.

Running the app – just like being on Facebook – is entirely optional, with music activities showing up as just another thing in your Facebook connected life.

Getting it to work is relatively simple, with everything handled from Pandora’s online service or mobile app. Instructions are located on Pandora’s site, while users of the iOS and Android apps can find the option to connect in their settings.