Pandora, Sonos come together right now

Australians with a Sonos media streaming speaker can play more than just their supply of music files, with the WiFi HiFi systems now capable of accessing Pandora.

What could be considered a replacement for digital radio, Pandora, is now streaming on more than just mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers, with the Australian edition of the Sonos controller now able to get a Sonos speaker working with Pandora internet radio.

“Sonos is about listening to all the music on earth,” said Sonos Australia’s Managing Director, Niv Novak. “With Pandora now available to our customers, the whole-home music experience is even better, giving listeners even more choice.”

Pandora works by having you enter in a song or artist you like, and then having the service make a specific station based on your likes and dislikes, which you enter in by selecting thumbs up or thumb down on a track.

These selections gradually evolve your station and change what sort of music is played, thanks to the way a team of people at Pandora’s American headquarters have broken down music into little sections, with the Pandora algorithm gradually linking your tastes up for a better type of radio station.

Of course, you can always decide to listen passively, without saying whether you like a song or not, and the station will just keep playing, but in the Sonos app, you will find the thumbs up/thumbs down controller, just in case you want to shape your station.

“This is the first of many exciting announcements in Australia as Pandora grows locally,” said Pandora’s Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand. “Through Sonos with Pandora, people will have even more listening freedom, with the ability to stream Internet radio which is personalised to their tastes, on a device built for the delivery of sound.”

Access to Pandora in Australia is free, and Sonos will be keeping that, with no charges for Sonos customers to access the Pandora service.

Previously, the service was only accessible for American Sonos customers, though Australians could circumvent this geographic lock with a different postal code in the Sonos setup.