Pandora’s new mix is here and it’s based on your thumbs

Pandora’s customisable streaming radio network has always found a soft spot in our hearts thanks to its simple “thumbs up, thumbs down” approach to making a station, but now it’s going one step better to define your perfect station based on all the likes.

This week, Pandora is rolling out a new station that will be different for all.

Called “Thumbprint Radio”, it’s a radio station that will automatically kick into gear if you look up “thumbprint” on the search, allowing you to create the Thumbprint radio station based on your previous likes and dislikes over the years.

That means if you gave a thumbs up to Erykah Badu, Journey, Dave Brubeck, Daft Punk, and 2Pac, your station won’t just include those artists and songs, but a variety of music based on those artists, with the station essentially acting as a “mix radio” for your mix.


“Thumbprint Radio is a collaboration between each listener and Pandora,” said Chris Phillips, Chief Product Officer at Pandora.

“You shared with us what music you love via all your thumbs, and we heard you. We have combined all your favourites with music we know you’ll love to create a new station that reflects your unique musical thumbprint.”

Because this is based on thumbs up preferences, you’ll need a few stations with quite a few thumbs up applied to them in order to have this station do something, otherwise it has nothing to gain information from.

For many of us, this won’t be a problem, as our likes have amassed over the years. Case in point, this journalist has over 4000 thumbs up recorded, giving the system a fair bit to work with.

You might have more, and you might have less, but if you’re after a more “mix”-type approach to music, it looks as though Pandora is about to offer it.