Pan/tilt function added to the MyLANCam IP webcam


NetComm, a leading Australian provider of broadband internet and communication products, has added new functionality to its MyLANCam IP video camera range with the launch of the NS380W that features a pan/tilt function.

The NS380W allows users to control the viewing angle of the camera. It works by capturing live video images and then making these available over a wireless Local Area Network (LAN) or the internet for remote monitoring. The unit has a focal range of around 20 metres and has the ability to program regular sweeping patterns and various angles.

>With the growing popularity of broadband for home and small businesses, digital surveillance over the internet is now a real possibility for everyone,, said David Stewart, Managing Director, NetComm. Prior to products like the MyLANCam range, the only choice was an expensive to install Closed Circuit TV system that does not allow viewing from a remote location..

>The NS380W delivers an affordable security solution that can be monitored from anywhere in the world, with the versatility of pan and tilt functions so that a single camera can cover a much wider area..

The coverage pattern of the NS380W delivers a large scanning area the unit is able to pan from -170 degrees to +170 degrees while the tilt function works from -90 degrees to +45 degrees. The pan/tilt function provides small businesses with a cost-effective solution as it removes the need to deploy numerous fixed cameras and allows for more coverage from a single unit.

The unit is easily mounted in a variety of locations making it ideal for both home and business users. Its versatile operation allows for the unit to be used in an assortment of small businesses including offices, shops and the like. For example, within the retail industry, a shop can set up a regular sweeping pattern focusing on trouble areas within the store.

The NS380W also comes with a built-in web server allowing users to access the camera remotely (through a web browser). This would allow a user who installed a unit at home to check on the state of their house from their computer at work.

Like the other members of the MyLANCam range, the NS380W comes with a handy software utility allowing users to manage up to 16 cameras on the one network at any one time. This feature also provides users with control of the viewing angle of the camera. A configurable motion detection facility is included, which can be set up to capture still images for archiving, or if the camera is triggered, users can be emailed an alert directly.

The wireless function also allows for the images to be streamed wirelessly to a computer.

NetCommms NS380W is available now through NetComm product stockists nationally and is priced at $499 per unit, including GST.

Source: Netcomm