Parallels Workstation 2.1 for Mac OS X


RRP: $144.95 (single user)

Parallels Workstation 2.1 for Mac OS X is the first virtualisation software that gives Apple users the ability to simultaneously run Windows, Linux or any other operating system and their applications alongside Mac OS X on an Intel-powered Apple computer.

Virtualisation software enables users to run multiple operating systems, like Linux or Windows, in isolated virtual machiness directly on a Mac OS X desktop, giving users the ability to run programs that are only available on those operating systems, without having to give up the usability and functionality of their Mac OS X machine.

Each virtual machine operates exactly like a stand-alone computer and contains its virtual hardware, including RAM, hard disk, processor, I/O ports, and CD/DVD-drives.

Parallels Workstation for MacOS X gives Mac users a viable virtualisation solution that will let them embrace widely-used operating systems like Windows and Linux without having to give up the power, usability and familiarity of their Macintosh.

The solution takes advantage of Applees inclusion of Intel Core Duo architected chips into all new Macintosh computer models. Because the Intel Core Duo chipset is x86-compatible, the Parallels virtualization engine can easily virtualise the hardware, thus enabling Macintosh users to build virtual machines running nearly any x86-compatible OS, including Windows 3.1- XP/2003, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, OS/2, eComStation, and MS-DOS.

Parallelss full support of Intel Virtualization Technologyy, which is included in most new Core Duo chipset, ensures that virtual machine performance is close to near-native and that each virtual machine is stable and completely isolated from other virtual machines and the host physical machine. Apple users should be aware that the Parallels Workstation for Mac OS X works with any Intel-powered Apple computer running Mac OS 10.4.4 or higher. The product is not compatible with PowerPC-powered Apple computers.

Parallels is available through Domayne, Apple Centres all across Australia, Applees Online store.

Source: Conexus – ph. 02 9975 2799