Paramount Blu-ray and DVD Xmas gift ideas

Paramount has a great big Santa sack of movies and boxset series to tempt you these holidays, catering for mums and grandmas, teenagers, little kids, dads and your significant other. Our pick of the bunch is Star Trek, but you might want to have a look at some of the others, too.

If the current craze for all things Vampire is your scene, check out the Dexter: The Complete First Season, or the second, to fulfil that blood lust. Ramp up the octane levels with the Extreme Action Heroes Boxset, including Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Watchmen and Transformers or, for slightly tamer action, go questing with Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventure Collection, comprising the Special Editions of each of the four classic movies.

And if you haven’t yet plunged into the bright and glistening blue pool that is Blu-ray, but a PS3 or Blu-ray player is under the Christmas tree or on the January sales’ wish list, pick up Paramount’s ‘Blu-ray Starter Pack’, which is a box of handy garden utensils for… no, just joking, it’s a pack of Blu-ray movies comprising Iron Man, Transformers, Tropic Thunder, Shooter and Tomb Raider to kick off your new collection.


Star Trek
Price: $39.95
Classification: M

Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventure Collection
Featuring the Special Editions of all four Indiana Jones films!
Price: $65.00 RRP
Classification: M

Extreme Action Heroes Box Set
Includes Iron Man, Transformers, Incredible Hulk, Watchmen
Price: $63.00
Classification: TBA

Blu-ray starter pack
Featuring Iron Man (2 disc), Transformers (2 disc), Tropic Thunder, Shooter and Tomb Raider
Price: $200.00 RRP
Classification: MA15+

Dexter: The Complete First Season, and Dexter: The Complete Second Season (STEELBOOK)
RRP $34.95 each
Classification: Both M15+