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The only part of this evolution that we’re a little confused by is the design, because while the Zik 2.0 boasted colours, Parrot is now not only going with more colours, but also textures, and we’ll admit that we’re more than a little confused by this.

Just like how you can find leather textured smartphones, you’ll find leather textured headphones from Parrot, with the Zik 3.0 adopting grain in its plastic body, while the texture of crocodile skin and fabric stitching can also be found, resulting in a headphone that in theory plays to be more fashionable with what you wear.

That’ll all depend on you, dear reader, but we’d probably take the flat style if it were us.


Perhaps the best news for owners of the existing Zik headphones is that the company has addressed problems in the design of the cups, with ear cups that won’t wear down as significantly as they once did.

We’ll have to take the company’s word for that for now, but we’re definitely eager to put these through the paces. You can too, mind you, with a release date of later this month where Aussies will find it for a recommended retail price of $599.