Parrot’s new WiFi digital photo frame is one of the sexiest you’ll ever lay eyes on

Launched today, Parrot’s “DIA” was designed by the aptly named NoDesign agency and is based around the idea of a photographic light box.

“DIA frame was born from the idea that it is impossible to represent a printed image on a photo frame,” said designer Jean-Louis Frechin of NoDesign. “So our frame closely resembles slide film, with the quality of transparency, light and the format of professional ektachrome.”

Unlike conventional LCD photoframes, images are shown on a 10.4 inch translucent screen with a white backlight positioned a couple of centimetres behind. The result is an image that has to be seen to be believed: a dynamic quality that makes the photo just pop off the screen.

The DIA also uses Google’s Android OS as an operating system, allowing you to technically use the frame as a mini computer when peripherals such as a mouse and keyboard are plugged into the USB ports found on the photo frame.

Outside of this cool feature, you’ll also find an SD slot, Bluetooth, and a variety of online features enabling the DIA photoframe to go online and download email, view photos over Flickr and Picasa, surf Facebook, and zoom in on Google Maps where images were shot.

At $549, it’s also one of the most pricey photoframes we’ve ever come across, but if you’re after a look that really makes your photos “pop”, we doubt anything will touch this.