Passwords take a backseat with new technology

A new technology could be arriving on a website you regularly visit soon, and the good news is it could end up helping anyone who forgets passwords.

It’s called “passwordless authentication”, and it’s a technology developed by a company called Auth0, with its developers building a way for people to log in to websites and app using merely SMS, emails, or fingerprint sensors if the phone or tablet you’re using supports it.

According to Auth0, the technology works by factoring in temporary codes and/or fingerprints to make the handshake that security systems require, with people on the iPhone 5S and above able to use the fingerprint sensor to log in to compatible websites, while those without using a code sent to their phone, similar to the way many of us authenticate our phone or tablet for use with Windows 8, Windows 10, or Dropbox.

“Human error associated with passwords is a common entry point for hackers to exploit,” said Jon Gelsey, CEO of Auth0.

“The prevalence of easy-to-guess passwords or passwords compromised through exploits is low-hanging fruit for black hats [hackers].”

“Passwordless authentication makes access more secure, while removing the burden of remembering and typing a strong password on a phone,” he said.

Integrating the technology will be something that comes down to companies to do this, so don’t worry if this feel like it’s going a little over your head. In fact, according to the company, it’s a technology that can be built into apps and websites alike, so it could be something seen on more than just your favourite social networking site soon.

We’re told that Apple iPhone users will see fingerprint access before anyone else, but Android could see it when version 6 “Marshmallow” rolls out, which will deliver Android support in general.

The good news, however, is that you may not have to remember that ridiculously long string of characters or even more simplistic password that your kids make fun of you for.