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There was a lot of great stuff for PC geeks – PC stuff for 2019. From new AX routers to blazingly fast PCIe NVMe SSDs it occupied a large slice of our coverage.

The main thing I noticed about PC stuff 2019 was the rise of Ryzen, but not necessarily the fall of Intel. The Sith Lord struck back with a vengeance with its 10th generation i9 and Project Athena only to be annoyed by Qualcomm and its SD8cx Windows on ARM chips.

In PC Stuff 2019 the Chip War was really about a few things

  • AMD maintaining its ‘bang for buck’ Ryzen reputation with gamers
  • AMD enhancing its low-power ‘U’ Ryzen 3-series offerings to notebook makers like the Surface Laptop 2 15”.
  • Intel winning the high ground with its 10th generation Core i9 series over AMD Threadripper
  • And Windows needing an-always on, always connected device based on let’s face it, a sizeable ARM-based smartphone!

Here is some of the stuff that impressed us in PC Stuff 2019.

First an apology – we drew you in with Logitech G gaming rig but so little of this article is about gaming. PC Stuff 2019 is about consumer and small business things that we found invaluable.

Notebooks – too many to choose but we did

GadgetGuy loves a Lenovo Yoga C930 (14) 360° hinge. It is our 2019 workhorse after the great experience we had with the Yoga 920 in 2018. We love the hinge pen dock, Thunderbolt 3 and its Dolby Vision 13.9” screen. We heartily recommend Lenovo Yoga.

PC stuff 2019

 But we need to make a few honourable mentions

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 ($1599 complete) Windows on ARM and Microsoft Surface Pro X ($1849 plus keyboard and accessories) Windows on ARM. While we cannot give an unreserved buy recommendation, they are perfect for the traveller that wants long battery life, LTE and only uses Office 365 and the usual Windows productivity software – they won’t run 64-bit apps.

The latest Microsoft Surface Pro 7 continues the Surface design of a full-fat Windows tablet with detachable keyboard from $1399 to $3749 plus keyboard ($199-249) and accessories. But it adds USB-C – at long bloody last! If you need a desktop replacement with a 10th Generation Intel Core, this is it!

HP Spectre x360 2019 for the drop-dead sexy 13.3” or 15.6 design. Starting at $1999 to $4199 you have what is arguably the best looking 360° on the planet. It offers 1080 to 4K as well as a choice of 10th generation Intel Core processors. I like the Dark Ash/Silver but my wife prefers the new Poseidon Blue.

We don’t want to take away from the fantastic products from ASUS, Acer or Dell.

PC Stuff 2019 – Monitors

Its 4K, Thunderbolt 3/USB-C or nothing but you need the graphics card to drive them – especially dual monitor setups.


The enormous Samsung 49” gaming monitor – at 32:9, 3840 x 1080, Free-sync, 1800R curved that was frankly too damned big for office use (which we judge things on) but perfect for a gamer staff member.

PC Stuff 2019

Channel 7 Sunrise GadgetGuy and gamer Val Quinn concurs saying, “It is huge, huge I tell you! It is like sitting in front of the Pentagon ‘Command and Control Centre’ where you can see everything.” We covered other Samsung gaming, and business monitors with QLED (Quantum Dot) technology and its colours blow us away. See Samsung’s range here.

Honourable mention: Samsung Space fold-up/down monitor for those in tight spaces.  

PC stuff 2019


 Philips countered the Sammy 49” with a 43” Momentum, 4K, HDR1000, 16:9 monitor. It was awesome to see, but the 16:9 format meant eye and neck strain trying to take in such a vast vista. In reality, it was another specialist gaming monitor that our Gaming Gadgeteer Arjun Lal would have killed for as he tried a Philips 55” 4K TV as a gaming monitor. Philips 4K monitors offered some of the best value in 2019 and deserves to be on your shopping list.