Pendulumic swings in with long-lasting wireless cans

We’re always keen to see new players in any category, and there’s one newbie sitting in the world of headphones right now, grabbing attention with long-lasting headphones made for even the longest of flights.

There’s always a fear that headphones won’t last the length of your flight and at one point you’ll be reaching for a pair of the freebies provided by an aircraft.

Newbie headphone brand Pendulumic thinks it can bring something to the table that deals with these concerns with a pair of headphones capable of surviving up to 30 hours before it runs out of charge.


They’re called the “Stance S1+” and they rely on both an inbuilt battery and two AAA batteries to hit that 30 hour suggested time.

We’re told the first of these — the battery found inside the headphones — should be good for as much as 18 hours, while the secondary battery — those two AAAs that you can replace when you need to — should last an extra 12, providing a solid trip across the Pacific and then some, with spare batteries when you hit an airport providing more life to finish crossing the country if need be.


As for those connections, we’ve already mentioned the wireless mode which also features support for aptX, but you can go with wired if need be thanks to a 3.5mm headphone cable with remote, an airline adaptor, and an adaptor making it possible for you to plug into a larger amp (6.3mm).

More than connections, though, we’re told that comfort and use are the priorities for the headphones, with the ear cups tested on over 500 people, while the control has been designed with a dial that allows people to control the sound manually like a traditional volume knob.


One thing does appear to be missing from the package, with noise cancellation lost on these. That said, they’re priced not far from where we see active noise cancellation, though with an amplified mode, they may just bombard your ears with enough sound that you’ll forget about the drone of the aircraft.

The Pendulumic Stance S1+ are swinging in to a recommended retail price of $329 locally. Availability, we’re told, is now, though you’ll find them at specialist audio stores.

UPDATE (7.18pm): We’ll freely acknowledge a mistake when it’s ours, and this one was. We previously noted that these are active noise cancellation cans, and a helpful commenters has corrected us. The text of the article has therefore been changed to reflect this.