Pentax colorises to suit your personal sense of style

Most cameras look the same: black, silver, some are even red. But if you’re looking for a camera that you can colourise to match your own personality, Pentax is now offering its tiny Q10 mirror-less in a way that lets you customise what colours it wears.

Originally released last year, Pentax’s Q10 normally arrives with its own colours, and we’ve seen it in silver or red varieties, but the latest announcement allows you to take a Q10 and turn it into your own work of art.

Yellow and black. This works for us.

Using a camera simulator on the Pentax Australia website, the 12.4 megapixel mirror-less can be made to look how you want it, with 100 colour combinations and a $499 price tag for the unique take on what a camera should look like.

Sadly, the parts aren’t interchangeable, and you can’t change them yourself on a daily basis to match your mood, but if you feel like making your own camera style, you can choose between five grip colours and 20 body options.

Pentax tells us that build and delivery will take up to three weeks, so if you’re planning on creating a colourful camera for a friend, you’ll want to factor this in.