Philips 2020 Air purifier range – quality at a reasonable price

Philips 2020 Air purifer range
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The Philips 2020 air purifier range includes the new Series 800 (49m2), Series 2000i (85m2) and Series 3000i (104m2).

The Philips 2020 air purifier range supplements the existing Series 1000 (32m2), Series 2000 (79m2) and series 3000 (95m2) that we reviewed last year. As we have not seen the new series yet this a ‘review’ of the specs – we already know the quality.

Why a purifier and what to look for?

Most true air purifiers use a mix of filters – pre-filter (for larger visible particles or <PM10), HEPA (High-efficiency particulate air for micron-sized <PM2.5) and activated carbon (for noxious gas absorption). Some add UV and other sterilising light.

Currently, no filter traps more than 99.X% of everything, and we are extremely suspicious of any filter that claims it traps and kills COVID or a similar virus.

Filters generally quote a CADR (clean air delivery rate in m3/hr). For example, a typical bedroom 3x3x2.8m (about 25m3) has 25,000 litres of air to clean. Now if you can close the windows and doors, CADR is not such an issue as once cleaned it remains that way until more ‘dirty air’ enters the room.

Purifiers either have a directional fan or just vent the air back to the room.

And then we look at ongoing energy and maintenance costs.

Australian review: Philips 2020 air purifier range Series 800, 2000i and 3000i

  • Website here
  • Price: 800/2000i/3000i $259/649/899
  • Rated for: up to 49/85/104m2
  • Warranty: 2-year ACL
  • Country of Manufacture: China
  • Philips Consumer Lifestyle is a division of the Dutch multinational electronics company. It produces consumer electronics and small appliances. HQ is in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The Philips ‘brand’ is also licensed to third parties for TVs, monitors and audio products.
Philips 2020 Air purifier range

First impression – EXCEED

The new range is a cylindrical water cooler style versus the tall ‘slab’ of 2019.

These have a gentle mode, sleep, auto and turbo.

CADR – PASS – just

  • 800 – 190 m3/hr
  • 2000i – 330 m3/hr
  • 3000i – 400 m3/hr

While the CADR sounds good, they are not as high as expected for the room size quoted. Our calculations show that the room area uses 1.6 cleans per hour.

The Philips 2020 air purifier range has fallen prey to quoting theoretical figures, “From the air that passes through the filter; it is a theoretical time for one-time cleaning calculated by dividing its CADR 400m3/h by the room size of 48m3 (assuming the room is 20 m2 in floor area and 2.4m2 in height).

We think one time is too low to make comparison with others that use higher ratios.

Filter efficiency – PASS

Figures are for PM 2.5 and virus/bacteria

  • 800 – 99.5/99%
  • 2000i – 99.97/99.9%
  • 3000i –  Same as 2000i and has a volatile gas sensor

Airflow – PASS

Air expels upwards in a spiral pattern. It is not a fan unit.

Sound – PASS

Philips quotes dBA (weighted) from about 35-65dBA. For real-world figures, add about 20-30%. These are within typical limits.

Indicator – PASS

Philips has a read out of all important indicators. It also has an app.

Timer – PASS


Maintenance – PASS as long as you are aware of the future costs

Expected filter life is up to three years. The machine tells you what is left. Using our calculations on 24/7/365 its about 2500 hours.

Cylinder filter prices are $39.95/119/129, respectively.

Safety – PASS


  • 800 – 250 round x 367 high mm x 2.4kg
  • 2000 – 320 round x 630 high mm x 7.5kg
  • 3000i – 355 round x 716 high mm x 8.2kg

Given the fairly wide base and small height, the 800 should not tip. The 2000/3000 could present a tipping hazard to small children.

Power – PASS

Maximum wattage is 22/46/55W per hour. You pay around 30-50 cents per 1000Wh.

App – If you need it

There is a Philips Clean Home+ App and Amazon Alexa voice assistance. Alexa opens up your personal data to Amazon.

GadgetGuy’s take – Philips 2020 Air purifier range fits the bill

We were quite taken by the 2019 range. “Its no-nonsense and low running cost approach got the product into our review program.”

The 2020 range has a little more tech, quotes larger room sizes but lower CADR than the 2019 range.

They are still good buys from a quality company but whereas the previous 3000 series rated 4.9/5 the new series are at the early 4s.

Value for money
Ease of Use
New cylindrical range
Does everything expected of an air purifier
Quality company and build
Overstated room coverage sizes and understated sound levels