Philips 50PF9966/79

You may not even notice the unique feature of the Philips 50PF9966/79 at first, but that’s no accident. The Philips’ Ambilight is essentially a series of coloured lights that project an ambient glow onto the walls surrounding the TV. The light’s colours dynamically adapt to what’s on screen to subtly enhance the whole viewing experience. And if you don’t want the lights shifting, you can also lock them down to a particular colour or switch them off altogether.

Otherwise, the 50PF9966/79 is a well-equipped 50 inch plasma screen. Philips’ Pixel Plus 2 technology features a range of techniques to improve the image quality, such as the sub-pixel horizontal and vertical luminance transient. This is just a technical way of saying the screen upscales the picture internally then downscales it to match the pixels on screen perfectly.

The brightness and contrast are not quite as high as some other screens in this size category, but they’re still respectable.

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