Philips converges style and shave with flip-over trimmer

Convergence devices appear everywhere. We can take pictures on our phones, and make eggs on our toasters. Philips is looking to change the trimmer world in a similar way with a new beard trimmer that can be flipped for dual-use.

While it’s technically not the same type of multi-function we see on other devices, the Philips StyleShaver features a double-headed design that makes it easy to trim facial hair with one side of the trimmer and then shave the rest of it off with the other side.

Twelve length settings are included, ranging from 0.5mm to 10mm, and the shaver is cordless and completely waterproof, making it ideal for using in the shower.

“Men currently have to settle with using a combination of tools like blades, trimmers with limited settings or scissors,” said Peter Bosscher, Senior Manager for Business Development of Personal Care and Domestic Appliances at Philips Australia & New Zealand.

“The introduction of the Philips StyleShaver means that men can trim, style and shave with just one product and achieve any facial style quickly and easily.”

It’s not going to be a necessary gadget for all men, but for the guy on the go who needs to make sure his beard and mo are perfect, this could be a life- and space-saver.

The Philips StyleShaver QS6140 is hitting stores this week for $119.95 RRP.