Philips drips out a new easy clean fruit juicer

One of the world’s leading name in juicers has announced a new product aimed at making it quick and easy to clean, one of the more annoying problems associated with making fresh juice.

The new Philips QuickClean Juicer is a product aimed at giving you exactly what the name says: juice with a quick way of cleaning it. Available in two variations (different speed motors and finishes), the QuickClean offers an extra-large fruit feeding tube to minimise cutting up the ingredients into tiny chunks, dishwasher safe removable parts, and two speeds – “1” for soft fruits and “2” for hard fruits.

That’s literally all there is to it, although Philips is emphasising the QuickClean by sending all of the pulp to one easy-to-clean container and using an inverted sieve to stop fibrous fruit and veggies from being stuck in the juicer parts.

“I’m passionate about juicing; I juice two or three times every day and I need a machine that will take the job on,” said Jason Vale, a man known as “The Juice Master” who has made a living by making books and videos about juice as a tonic for diets and medical remedies. “The thing that people usually complain about more than anything else when it comes to juicing is the cleaning. Philips has listened; it now takes less than a minute to clean your machine.”

Up to 2.5 litres can be made in one use on the QuickClean, with the new sieve claiming 10% more juice than previous juicers, meaning you’ll get just a touch more to drink out of the apples you throw into it.

The Philips QuickClean is available now from major electrical and department stores in both a 700W and 800W variety at $179.95 and $249.95 respectively.