Philips first with universal Android audio docks

One of the things every Apple iDevice has in common is the docking port, a connector that allows nearly every iPhone, iPod, and iPad to be used with an iPod dock. Androids don’t generally have a universal docking port, what with each handset having the micro USB charge port in different places, but Philips has come up with a solution.

Colour us surprised we haven’t seen this sooner, but Philips has created four docks ranging from $130 to $250 that take advantage of Bluetooth and a special “FlexiDock” micro USB port connector that can be adjusted to support pretty much any Android handset.

Each of the models varies in the sort of sound and extra features it has, but all four feature a docking port able to hold phones in either portrait or landscape positions, depending on where the phone’s micro USB charge port is.

A tale of two docks: Philips Fidelio AS111 (left) for $129.95 and AS351 (right) for $169.95.

For instance, the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Nexus could be held vertically since their USB ports sit at the bottom, while devices from Motorola and HTC’s One series could sits horizontally because their micro USB ports can be found on the side.

Android handsets don’t generally send audio out through micro USB either, unlike the iPod dock, so Philips is taking care of the sound with Bluetooth streaming from the phone to the docks, keeping the handset charged throughout the playback.

An app is also available from Philips – Fidelio – offering Android users access to streaming radio and music sharing, which should be good for those keen to stream more than just mp3 playback and access to music streaming services.

The range of Philips Fidelio Android dockets will be available from this week, with the AS111 for $129.95, AS141 for $149.95, AS351 for $169.95, and AS851 for $249.95.

The AS141 for a hair under $150.