Philips makes the lightbulb warmer, colder, fashionable

Lightbulbs are getting a little more tech savvy lately, what with WiFi being included and all, but that’s not the only change, as Philips reveals with classic looking bulbs and a light that changes colour with a switch.

If it feels like the bulbs in your home need a bit of a change, there’s good news on the way, especially if you’re not keen to join that wireless “smart lightbulb” world, which can be a little expensive for all homes.

Philips has sent word that while it has smart bulbs in Australia, it is also shaking up its regular bulbs with something that will change the look and feel of the light emitted from the bulbs.


First there’s the Deco Classic, a light bulb that looks like it came right out of a 1950s home, with a vintage filament made from LEDs that glows like an old lightbulb.

Thanks to the LED-looking filament inside, energy savings are pretty much spot on like other LED-based bulbs, while the lightbulb itself should last up to 15,000 hours or up to almost two years of light if you never switch the light off.


Another bulb takes on light in a different way, with the Philips Scene Switch bulb being about colour types.

Specifically, this light bulb has a bit of technology inside that can switch between two lighting modes: cool or warm.

Switch it on the first time and the bulb will emit a cool white light, making the place look a little cooler to help with concentration. Flick the switch and turn it off, and then turn it back again and the lightbulb moves to warmer lighter, with a more yellow tone applied to the room to remind you of warmth and relaxation.


“Consumers today focus on personalisation when it comes to the design of their homes and lighting is very much part of this,” said Rob Fletcher, General Manager of Philips Lighting for Australia and New Zealand.

“Homeowners no longer look for a light bulb just to illuminate their home,” he said, adding that “lighting also needs to suit the type of activities performed in a particular space, while also enhancing its design.”

“The new Philips Scene Switch LED bulbs are specially designed to give customers a simple solution to making their own choice when it comes to how they illuminate their homes, while our Deco Classic LED bulbs ensure beautiful vintage styling with the energy savings and lamp lifetime benefits afforded by LED technology. Both will change the home experience and provide people with the best of both worlds.”

The Philips Deco Classic is available in several varieties.


Pricing of the bulbs is a little more than your standard two-buck bulb, and that’s likely because of the tech found inside the glass bulbs, but you’ll find the Philips Deco Classic in stores for between $12.95 and $24.50, while the Scene Switch bulbs will be found in stores from $17.50.