We review the new Philips QuickClean Juicer


Philips says that its new juicers are much easier to clean, basically requiring you to pull the parts out and wipe them down. The box even says “clean up within a minute”, so that should count for something.

In our experience, however, we were cleaning for around five minutes. After making a delicious blend of apple, carrot, and ginger, we detached the metal base from the pulp container and lid section, brought it to the sink, and proceeded the clean the removeable parts one by one.

In the blade section, however, we noticed that we had fibre from one of the fruits stuck firmly in place, and even after running it under water or wiping it with a cloth, we found the fruity bits weren’t budging.

We don’t recommend running your fingers over the sharp blades, and Philips actively tells you in the manual to avoid using scouring pads, so that pretty much leaves you with fibre in the joints until the next time you make juice.

After a bit of testing, we found that it was easy to remove any residue by running half a cup of water through the appliance before the next juicing.

Outside of this, the juicer is easy to clean. The juice-less pulp can be found in container, ready to be scooped up and tossed away into a compost bin. The metal sieve around the blades does use much smaller holes and is quite easy to clean, requiring you to rub away the tiny pulp and rinse it under the tap. Remaining sections – like the lid, feeding pusher, and juice collector – can all be washed by hand or thrown in the dishwasher.

Fruit that lacks strong fibre may end up with an easy one minute clean, but chunkier fleshy ones may leave you at the sink just a little bit longer.

Despite washing and rinsing, we still had fibre left over from an apple or two lodged in the blades.


If you’re after a juicer that can pulverise fruit into a tasty beverage, the Philips QuickClean certainly has your name on it, but be aware that you may have to spend more than a minute in the kitchen cleaning it up.


Value for money
Ease of Use
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Ridiculously powerful juicer; Sturdy; Comes with a 250 page recipe book;
Requires you to switch it off every time you pulp a new fruit; Depending on the fruit you use, clean-up may not be quick;