Philips range of DLO accessories for the iPhone

As expected, it wasn’t long after the Australian launch of the iPhone that various vendors came out with a variety of accessories for it. Philips has well and truly hopped onto that bandwagon, with an announcement of a variety of products in its Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO) range.

The DLO range incorporates home and car chargers, car mounts, portable speakers, protective shells and fashion cases for both iPhones and iPods. Of course, most of these were available for the iPod well before the iPhone appeared, but now support for the phone has been incorporated into the lineup.

There’s the XStand, a stand specifically for the iPhone, as well as several battery chargers that will work with the iPhone. Most notably, the current range of speakers and docks – like the Philips Speaker iPhone & iPod (a strange three-piece iPod dock) and HomeDock HD (a dock with high definition video outputs) – both work with the iPhone.