The glowing screens from Philips’ past are no longer just relics the company doesn’t talk about, with a new use being found in computer displays, as Philips releases three screens taking advantage of the tech.

Originally used in the Philips line of “Ambilight” televisions, Ambiglow is a unique idea that pushed the picture beyond the frames of the display, taking the colours on the edges of the image and throwing them outside the screen, effectively making the image push into the real world.

We’ve reviewed it a few times since it appeared, but haven’t heard from Philips about the technology of late.

Now we’re hearing that in 2013, Philips has brought the tech back for three monitors heading to store shelves this year.

The new Gioco range of computer monitors take advantage of an IPS screen backlit by LED technology, while an internal processor analyses the on-screen image and changes the colour and brightness of projected light to match what’s happening on the display.

One model will even include 3D, with Philips telling us that the glasses won’t require batteries or cables, leading us to believe that it will be passive 3D.