Pioneer PDP-506HD

True blacks separate good plasma panels from mediocre ones. The PDP-506HD’s Pure Black Vision technology creates very dark black levels, and uses a special glassless filter to prevent reflections from polluting the blacks.

The Pure Drive II engine also works to improve colour gradation, minimise noise and increase the dynamic range of the screen, which is the contrast between bright and dark colours.

The PDP-506HD does have a slightly lower resolution than most plasma screens of this size, although it can still comfortably handle a 1080i high-definition signal. You’ll need an external HD tuner though, as the internal one is analog only. Pioneer can bundle an HD set-top box which includes an HDMI interface for the best possible picture.

Another of Pioneer’s unique features is free delivery and installation within most metropolitan areas. They’ll even tune it up and give you a demo too, plus a five-year warranty comes standard with the panel.

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