Pioneer shows off a GPS heads-up display, not cheap

If you’re worried about looking down at your navigation system too often and accidentally veering off into the next lane, a new concept from Pioneer could put a stop to all of that.

Heading to Japan exclusively for the moment, the Pioneer VH99 is a navigation system that will project an augmented reality display ahead of drivers where the sun visor would normally be.

Pioneer says the system is compatible with roughly 70% of existing cars, making it possible that your car could theoretically support the technology.

Information including speed limit, time to destination, and even a visual line display informing you of where you need to turn can be shown.

Right now, much of this seems like a “see it and believe it” sort of concept, so thankfully, there’s a video.

If this sounds like the sort of thing you want in your car now, you may want to visit Japan in July, where it will be released for a little over $4,000.