Plantronics goes Pro with Voyager

The Plantronics Voyager Pro is a Bluetooth headset that touts noise cancellation and wind resistance. It has six hours of talk time per battery charge, and an attractive (albeit corporate-looking) stainless steel design.

Features of the headset include the ability to connect simultaneously to two devices, such as a laptop and a smart phone, meaning you can receive mobile phone and internet calls.

People on the other end of the phone will still hear you clearly when you walk down the street in the middle of a massive wind gale, thanks to AudioIQ2 technology which, according to Plantronics, features a 20-layer equaliser that helps curb interference and improves sound quality.


Our tests showed that background noise is inaudible to listeners on the other end of the line, and the headset dramatically improves the standard microphone on a handset. The packaging and marketing materials that came with our review sample clearly intend this headset for business users, and at $159.95 it’s priced for buyers with high expectations.

It’s not so much a fashion statement, but the Voyager Pro is a very practical, light, good-quality earpiece with nice features.