Plantronics offer gamers a military look and feel

Lovers of video games who wear their stereo headsets with pride have a new option to turn to, and this one is sure to separate the part timers from the full time gaming elite.

Released as part of a “limited edition” run, the Commander model of GameCom headsets from Plantronics has been designed with the history of the company in mind.

Originally started by two airline pilots who wanted a better headset, the company eventually went on to design and engineer the headphone and microphone combined headsets used by pilots, emergency workers, and astronauts at NASA.

That professional design has now been thrown into a pair of gaming headphones, with the Commander featuring a ruggedised feel, cords that easily unplug so they don’t get tangled or broken easily, noise-cancelling closed-ear headphones, microphone, adapters for quickly jumping between different devices, volume and mute controls, and a USB sound card to bring a virtual 7.1 surround sound quality to any computer you happen to be using.

Oh, and that “limited edition” phrasing, it’s not just a model that will be out for a limited time, with a set number of 5000 available around the world.

To cement this, the GameCom Commander will feature a laser-etched serial number to point out where your pair is positioned in the few thousand that were released.

The new pair of headphones won’t come cheap, however, with the Plantronics GameCom Commander available for pre-order at $349 and heading to stores – and hopefully your ears – in October.