Plantronics releases a new Bluetooth headset that knows when you’re wearing it

Not everything this week is CES-related, with a new headset aimed at business professionals making its way out locally.

The new Plantronics Voyager Pro HD is a Bluetooth headset that features a new technology that can work out when you’re wearing the headset and when you’re not.

Called “Smart Sensor,” this technology will automatically send calls to the headset when it picks up that you’re wearing it, or just let the handset’s speaker and microphone get it when you’re not. Alternatively, the Voyager Pro HD will also pick up the call once it’s put back on the ear.

An optional app is also available for use with the Voyager Pro HD – InstantMeeting – aimed at letting users of iPhones, Android devices, or BlackBerry smartphones participate in conference calls.

Unlike much of the technology we’re seeing come out of CES this week, Australians can grab this locally right now, with the Voyager Pro HD available for $149 RRP.