Plantronics Voyager Pro

Plantronics is one of the better known brands for headset quality around the world. NASA uses the company’s headphone and microphone technology in space and has been for over 40 years, an indication of just how good they are. That heritage lives on in the company’s newest Bluetooth headset, the Voyager Pro, a device that blends simplicity with established wireless technology to bring you some thing that looks good and works well.


The Voyager Pro tries to look innocuous, using a simple arched design that hooks neatly behind the ear. Once positioned, it sits not much higher than your ear and, with a small mic boom hanging from the ear piece directly, it’s easy to see that Plantronics has designed this with the aim of ensuring you look nothing like a dork. There are no annoying lights or uber-futuristic designs. It’s simply a black earpiece built well to hug your ear.

And hug it, it does. Comfortably, too. You could be shaking your head or waving your long hair in a manner akin to Fabio (just like we, ahem, did), and the headset will stay in place, regardless of whether worn on the left or right ear.

The ear tip is very simple to change and isn’t like regular ear pieces that insert into your ear. You receive three sizes in the box – small, medium, and large – so most needs should be catered for. Rather than peeling the tips on and off, the Voyager Pro employs an interlock system to make the connection stable. This means that when you put the headset in your pocket, the ear tip isn’t going to fall off.

Control options are pretty simple, with only four buttons provided to control power, pick up a call, volume up and down. Your call button is on the side of the mic boom and allows you take calls, hang up, and redial whatever number you rang last.

Topping this off is a microUSB port, which connects to an an AC adaptor for charging the Voyager Pro’s lithium-ion battery. Plantronics states that this headset offers up to six hours of continuous talk time and up to five days of standby time.


Pairing occurs quickly, and while in use the Voyager Pro provided excellent audio transmission from the Bluetooth phones we had on hand. Plantronics has integrated noise-cancelling microphones into this headset, which allow voice to be delivered clearly and loudly, even amid raucous ambient conditions.

The volume buttons are near the top and back of your ear and are easy to press. Volume up is closer to the top, down just underneath, and the short bursts of volume change making it so you won’t be deafened in the process.


We found the Voyager Pro easy to set-up and use. Good headsets are hard to come by, and with fuss-free usability, secure fit and clear audio reproduction, its $159 RRP is a fair asking price. As far as well-designed headsets go, the Voyager Pro rates.

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