PlayStation 3 gets Blu-er with BD LIVE and added PSP interactivity

Sony Computer Entertainment today announced that system software update v.2.20, for PlayStation 3 (PS3), planned for release in late March, will add Blu-ray Disc (BD) Profile 2.0 (known as BD-LIVE).

With the ability to take full advantage of interactive features, such as downloadable video content, ringtones, games, and more, BD-LIVE promises to offer PS3 users the ultimate interactive film experience. In addition to BD-LIVE, the system software update will enable photo and music playlists on a PS3 to be copied to a PSP (PlayStationPortable), as well as other new features.

To access Blu-ray Profile 2.0, users require an internet connection and at least 1GB of local storage. Movies with BD-LIVE are scheduled for release next month.

The following features have been demonstrated to be possible with BD-LIVE and will vary depending on the titl:

  • A variety of downloadable content, including bonus scenes, shorts, trailers, subtitles, ringtones that can be sent to mobile phones, images, and more.
  • Interactive movie-based games can pit players who are sitting in the same room, or are across the world and online, against each other.

In addition to BD-LIVE, system software update v.2.20 enhances PS3’s relationship with PSP, enabling users to copy their favourite music and photo playlists to their PSP and experience them on-the-go. This new functionality makes it easer than ever to share media content between the two systems.

The following new features will also be included in the system software update:

  • “Resume play” will enable PS3 to start playing a BD and DVD video at the point it was stopped, even if the disc had been removed (BD-J format disc is not supported)
  • “Audio Output Device” will be a new Remote Play setting, enabling PSP to serve as a remote control for music played through PS3.
  • PS3’s Internet browser will be enhanced: Video files directly linked from a Web page will be able to be streamed, and the browser’s view speed will be improved.
  • DivX and WMV format videos that are larger than 2GB will be playable.
  • “Mosquito Noise Reduction” will be added as an AV setting in the control panel of the DVD/BD player for improved movie playback (BD discs recorded with BDMV format are not supported)

Source: Sony