Playstation 3 to provide HD movie downloads

You can enjoy TV and music on your Playstation 3 and, of course, games. You can also watch HD movies on Blu-ray disc via the PS3 and, now, completing the entertainment package, are HD movies of the download variety.

The world’s six major movie studios have just signed on to deliver HD movie content via the PlayStation Network to American consumers, according to Sony US. The movies houses making content available to Playstation include Disney, Paramount, Universal, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox and, as expected, Sony Pictures.

If you’re living in America (or are running your broadband account through a proxy), this means you are now able to rent or buy movies such as the action-packed “Inglorious Basterds” or the science-fiction brilliance of “District 9” from your PS3 games console, without leaving the house.

With over 30 million PlayStation 3 users around the world, it makes sense to have a video solution out and working right now. Sony America announced that the HD movie service will roll out to European countries such as the UK, France and Germany “soon”, but made no mention of availability to the Australian market. Given how long PlayTV took to arrive to our shores, though, we can bank on it being at least six months behind a US launch. We’ve put a call into the Sydney HQ of Australia’s Playstation operation and will let you know an official time frame when we receive their response.