Pocket Digital TV devices here in late October

On the way very soon is the LASER range of Pocket Digital TV devices – yes, TV in your pocket, anywhere, anytime.

LASER is opening this new TV front with three products, DVBT-C30 Classic C30, DVBT-MP32 Multimedia Plus and the DVBT-ST35 Slim Touch. All have a 3.5 inch screen, and receive ABC, Channel 7, 9 and 10, Prime, SBS, Southern Cross and WIN, plus the new digital channels ACC, GO!, EXPO, One, NITV, Teachers TV and Digital Forty Four.

The DVBT-C30 Classic C30 and the DVBT-ST35 Slim Touch simply play TV, the DVBT-MP32 Multimedia Plus goes one step further, and allows you to also record TV programs.

Out of the box you just turn them on and run autoscan, and the units find available TV channels. There’s an in-built antenna apparently will do the job in high-reception areas, and an external antenna for low reception areas.The big X factor with these devices is reception – how well does such a small device deal with an equally small signal?

Price and availability

  • DVBT-C30 Classic C30 – $149.95
  • DVBT-MP32 Multimedia Plus – $199.95
  • DVBT-ST35 Slim Touch – $229.95

All three products are expected to be in stores in the next couple of weeks.