Poly Studio P5 Webcam

Poly Studio P5 Webcam and Blackwire 3325 headset kit (review)

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The Poly Studio P5 webcam comes in several ‘kits’ – including a mono single-ear headset, stereo headset, a Voyager 4220 UB headset and a speakerphone kit.

While it focuses on professional users, this is ideal for consumers and those that work from home who desperately need to step up from the limitations of a laptop webcam.

At the consumer end, this is a 1080p USB wired camera and wired stereo headset/mic that will make you look better and is bullet-proof across all video conference apps. At the professional level, it is a pro-grade camera, can have management apps, cloud apps and more, as well as Microsoft Teams certified.

Poly Studio P5 Webcam and Blackwire 3325 headset kit

Price Poly P5 camera Kit with Blackwire 3325Approx $200 but shop around
Approx $300
Country of ManufacturePoly P5 – Taiwan
Blackwire 3325 Mexico
AboutPoly was born from Plantronics and Polycom, focusing on beautifully designed and engineered audio and video products that let you be seen and heard with incredible clarity wherever you work. Backed by the software, artificial intelligence, analytics, and insights to take you far beyond mere connectivity.
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A USB cable – why?

Because USB cable connected headsets/mics and camera’s work first time, every time. I can’t tell you the number of times a Bluetooth headset/mic has lost contact during a video conference.

Second, the P5 has a natty USB-A port that allows you to plug in a USB-A headset/mic (like the Blackwire 3325) and share one USB-A port (or USB-C port) on the PC, laptop or dock. This feature alone might be the saving grace if you have limited ports.


Either use the over monitor folding mount or the tripod screw connector underneath. It is a lot smaller than it looks in the photos – 37.7 W x 34 H x 62 D (mm) plus clamp.

Pro-grade – why?

There are a zillion cheap 720p, 1080p, 2K and 4K webcams. Without fail, most use a crappy low-cost CMOS sensor with no smarts.

This has pro-grade camera optics, 1080p@30fps, 16:9 format, Auto-focus, 80° FOV, ePTZ (electronic pan, tilt and 4X zoom) and importantly, f/2.0 aperture good for lower < 400-lumen office light.

ePTZ cameras do not physically move. They use the app to digital pan-tilt-zoom allowing users to magnify areas they would like to focus on.

This also has a single MEMS 50Hz-16kHz microphone with noise focus and echo cancellation.

In short, you can look better.


It is incredibly easy to hack a webcam. So, Poly has a physical camera shutter (rotate the bezel) and indicator light when the camera is active. Plus, a physical shutter means you can turn the image on only when you need it – otherwise, the caller will see the background you have chosen.

Poly Lens App

You don’t need the app to use the device, but it enables firmware updates, room setup, ePTZ, best camera location and more. It also manages the Blackwire 33254. Consumers don’t have to create an account to use it.

IT Guys

Fleet managers of Poly UC cameras and headsets use Poly Lens – a cloud-based onboarding and device management app.

Blackwire 3325 stereo headset

For day-long comfort – these are on-ear and exert a very light clamping pressure on your head. It has a 3.5mm 3-pole jack and a USB DAC (digital analogue converter). That has Microsoft Teams functions pre-programmed – volume, launch, presence and more.

The noise-cancelling mic has a 100Hz to 10kHz frequency response and is excellent. It is on a boom that pivots through 180° for left or right side use.

It is pretty clever – when receiving multi-media, it presents as a stereo device and full 20Hz-20kHz. When used as a ‘telephony’ device on Teams, it adjusts up to 6.8kHz for clear voice. There are hearing safeguards – it won’t go over 118dBA.

GadgetGuy’s take

Always use the right tool for the task. The Poly Studio P5 Webcam and Blackwire 3325 are simply the right tools for those seemingly never-ending video meetings. The on-ear headphones are exceptionally comfortable. The camera quality is excellent without resorting to 2/4K to get details – it shows what good optics can achieve.

The Poly Studio P5 wecam and Blackwire 3325 are a huge step up from a 720p webcam and buds – you may see and hear things you have been missing.


If we rate it as a pro-grade enterprise device this is a terrific combo for staff. The quality of construction and longevity far outweigh the initial purchase price.

As a consumer device, the price is fair for what you get, but you may not appreciate that at first. Let’s just say that after nearly two weeks of use, we really don’t want to use anything else.

Poly Studio P5 Webcam and Blackwire 3325 headset kit
Let's say that after nearly two weeks of use, we really don't want to use anything else.
Value for money
Ease of use
Perfect for work-from-home and those ensless teleconferences
Until you use these you won't know what you have been missing
USB cabled camera and headset is fool-proof
None really