Popeye and Friends on DVD

Popeye has been around since 1933, and now, in 2009, he’s finally being put onto 2 volumes on DVD for your viewing pleasure. Catch Popeye and his partners in spinach-fuelled adventures, Olive Oyl, Swee’pea, Wimpy and Bluto.

Volume 1

65 minutes long, with the following episodes:

  • Abject Flying Object
  • Ship Ahoy
  • I Wouldn’t Take That Mare to the Fair on a Dare
  • Popeye Goes Sightseeing
  • Chips off the Old Ice Block
  • Popeye the Plumber
  • Swee’pea Plagues a Parade
  • Polly Wants Some Spinach

Volume 2

95 minutes long, with the following episodes:

  • Attack of the Sea Hag
  • Happy Anniversary
  • The Sea Monster
  • Poopdeck Pappy and the Family Tree
  • Juniors Genie
  • Mighty Olive at the Bat
  • Junior Gets a Job
  • Surf Movie

Price and availability

Popeye and Friends volumes 1 and will go on sale in DVD format on 30 September, at an RRP of $14.95 each.