PowerMat wireless charging system

PowerMat promises to make cable spaghetti a thing of the past by providing a wireless charging solution that powers up to three devices at once. With special contacts fitted to the back of each device, you can charge, say, a phone, Nintendo DS and GPS device simultaneously, simply by placing them onto the PowerMat.

The PowerMat itself is rectangular with rounded corners, and has three areas where devices can be charged. When connected to the mat, magnetic feedback is felt, a sound (which can be switched off) is heard, and the device locks down onto the mat, quite easily and without fuss.

The mat can’t electrocute you, it needs a magnetic switch to be activated to emit electricity.
The PowerMat is simple to set up and use; you just plug it in and turn it on. Then, you attach the various wireless charging cases to your devices and place them on the black charging mat. Unlike other wireless charging systems that switch off once charging is complete, the PowerMat senses battery drain in individual devices and recharges as necessary, to ensure maximum charge whenever you want to disconnect and use your devices.

The PowerMat retails for $200, with charging cases for a range of devices – including select GPS devices, Bluetooth headsets and cameras, Nokia, Motorola and Samsung phones,  iPhones, iPods and Blackberrys – costing $50.