Press record: Making sure you don’t miss out on the World Cup

Unless you’re a factory worker on nightshift, have just had a baby or are at University studying some soft subject like law, you’re going to need to a recording device, because a lot of the live World Cup matches are being broadcast at midnight and 4.30 am here in Australia, including the 4.30 am World Cup Final on 12 July.

A high definition PVR (personal video recorder) will allow you to time-shift any games you can’t watch live or which you want to re-live (over and over) at a later date, paying special attention to the referee and his red cards. Models with twin HD tuners will allow you to record the game in HD and, where available, in 3D. You can save the 3D recording for when you have a 3D TV to watch it on.

Topfield TRF2400
With a PVR you can time-shift pre-dawn games to watch at a more sociable time. Go for twin hard drives and the largest capacity you can afford.

As always with storage devices, choose the model with the largest hard drive capacity you can afford. If you’re considering one of the budget models that allow the attachment of an external hard drive, check carefully that they provide an EPG which allows for the automatic scheduling of recording. Many don’t, requiring you to activate recording manually.

And heck, if you’re up at that time you may as well grab a blanket and watch the game.