Primus Telecom switch on fibre-optic cable to Tasmania

Primus Telecom have announced the activation of its transmission on Basslink’s fibre-optic cable to Tasmania. Primus Telecom’s increased backhaul to Tasmania using the new Basslink cable will increase interstate capacity, while introducing increased competition on the important communications route from mainland Australia to Tasmania.

According to Primus Telecom CEO Ravi Bhatia, the company is looking forward to offering both its residential and business customers with better value data plans than ever before.

“Prior to the commissioning of Basslink, Telstra operated a monopoly in Tasmania and now that era is over. Primus Telecom is and always has been at the forefront of encouraging more competition in the Australian telecommunications market. We are delighted to have extended our capacity and coverage and are looking forward to providing Tasmanians with faster broadband with the Basslink cable,” said Ravi Bhatia.

“Basslink also provides Primus with increased flexibility to grow our service provision to customers in Tasmania due to the greater redundancy the new transmission cable gives us,” continued Mr Bhatia.

General Manager Basslink Telecoms Michael Coates said securing Primus was another satisfying milestone for the company.

“We are very pleased to welcome a quality ISP like Primus Telecom onto the Basslink backhaul capacity,” said Coates.