Printers to go 3D with Cubify

Ever wanted to be your very own Santa Claus and make some toys? A new printer is arriving that could let you do that and more.

Created by Cubify, the Cube is a printer unlike any other, promising to turn shapes and designs from 3D models into physical objects. The printer can connect to a computer using USB, or even iPhone and iPad devices over WiFi, allowing you to print a model straight from your phone.

Taking plastic cartridge blocks and printing them into objects, we’ve seen the Cube create toys, shapes, and even iPhone skins.

At around $1,300, it’s not the cheapest technology. But if you’re studying to be an industrial engineer or just want to see what you can create, it will definitely be one of the more interesting gadgets with which to treat yourself.

While 3D printing technologies have been around for a few years, this is the first time the technology has even approached a semi-affordable price tag.

  1. Be careful if you are in a rush to have this product delivered to Australia.

    It will soon be two months from the day I placed my CubeX order and I have not yet received it. Cubify have missed their shipping ETA now twice. It has taken me to pro-actively follow-up with Cubify before they do something about it.

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