Pro-Ject to work with Record Store Day for turntable design comp

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If you have a love for turntables and everything that goes on them — you know, records and such — you might be interested to know that Record Store Day is fast approaching, and with it a turntable competition focusing on design skills.

This week, vinyl player maker Pro-Ject has sent word that it will be sponsoring Record Store Day, the vinyl appreciation day happening on April 18 across the country, and also the rest of the world.

As part of that sponsorship, Pro-Ject is hosting a “design-a-turntable” competition which asks record lovers to enter in a design of a turntable using Instagram and the hashtag #designaproject.

We’re told it could be an arty record player, a design-y record player, or just something totally you, though logos are being asked to be left from the design. One winner will be picked, receiving a custom turntable in their design, though it won’t likely happen by Record Store Day itself, as that is apparently the closing date.

A custom Pro-Ject record player.


As for the entry age, we don’t think there is a requirement, beyond that of an idea as to what should be pictured on the record player, and you could be young or old to get stuck into this one, though it would probably suit someone with a passion for vinyl best.

“There’s a vinyl revolution happening in Australia as we speak,” said Sam Encel, Commercial Manager of Interdyn, Pro-Ject’s distributor in Australia. “Millenials absolutely love the medium because it’s so tangible, collectible and warm to listen to. Turntables also make for a stylish addition to the home.”

Custom record players tend to be very unusual outside of this, as far as we can tell, in any case.

Encel did send word that Interdyn can ask Pro-Ject to make custom record players, but the minimum quantities would have to be over 100, so consider this a once off occurrence, until Record Store Day next year. Maybe.