Aussie-made Procreate Dreams brings powerful 2D animation to the masses

Procreate Dreams iPad app with Apple Pencil

Procreate Dreams, a powerful 2D animation app designed for professionals and hobbyists alike, has just launched on iPad. It follows the wildly popular Procreate illustration app used by many of the world’s top creative studios.

Best of all: the new app costs just $30. In a world filled with subscription-based software, being able to access professional-level programs for an affordable one-off fee is somewhat revelatory.

Made by the Procreate development team founded in Hobart, Procreate Dreams promises to “unlock the world of animation” with a rich feature set combining drawing, cel animation, keyframing, video editing, and compositing.

Procreate Dreams to bring animation to the masses

There’s a lot of excitement from the animation community about the new app. Aaron Blaise, an animator on classic Disney films like The Lion King and Aladdin, claimed that “you can do a whole movie with [Procreate Dreams]”.

“It’s amazing what this app can do,” Blaise said. “I think we’re now going to see this renaissance – a resurgence of 2D films. I’m so excited about it.”

Engineered with iPad touch gestures and Apple Pencil in mind, Procreate Dreams combines a traditional horizontal video editing timeline with a full-screen frame-by-frame mode called ‘Flipbook’. Procreate CEO James Cuda believes that his team’s work will empower storytelling even further.

“Our team has worked for over five years to produce an animation product that is extraordinarily approachable and exceptionally powerful,” Cuda said. “…we’re helping to unlock the creative potential within all of us and giving a voice to storytellers everywhere.”

Anecdotally, I know Procreate is a literal iPad seller. Many of my friends are artists who use Procreate as the central tool in their workflow. My partner recently discovered her love of drawing thanks to the approachable yet powerfully deep app. So much so that I bought an iPad Air to replace an aging iPad Mini that was hanging on for dear life. She’s not the only one, either – Procreate has topped the iPad App Store’s paid charts for six years and counting, with millions of users worldwide.

Procreate Dreams is out now on the iPad App store for $29.99, compatible with devices running iPadOS 16.3 or later. Based on the Australian developer’s brilliant work so far, that price seems like a steal, regardless of your current level of artistic skill.

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