Audio awesomeness: Aedle’s VK-1 headphones reviewed
4.7Overall Score

Price (RRP): $599
Manufacturer: Aedle

People who love their sound like they love their children won’t probably bat an eyelid at spending serious dough for seriously good headphones, and Aedle’s VK-1 hopes to twist an arm here and there with some of the loudest cans we’ve ever heard.


Built for those who love their audio, Aedle’s VK-1 are the only pair of headphones the French brand Aedle makes. In fact, they’re not just the only pair of headphones Aedle makes, they’re the only anything that Aedle makes, with the company taking the time to engineer what it believes are the best headphones possible.

Could this really be the case?

High grade materials help to make this idea a reality, with a titanium diaphragm and neodymium magnets used by the headphones, aluminium for the earphone casing, manganese steel for the headband, and cushions made from protein foam.

Both the headband and ear cushions are protected by lambskin leather, and the entire headphone is assembled, not by machine, but rather by hand.

The driver for the headphone is sized at 40mm, and the headphones take a 3.5mm cable, with one included in the box.

The included cable is built with Aramid Fibre, a material similar to Kevlar which handles frequencies differently and has been known to create more natural sounds in the speakers that rely on this material.

A few other accessories are included with the VK-1 headphones, such as an aircraft headphone adaptor, a 6.25mm amplifier jack adaptor, a cleaning cloth, and a soft bag for keeping the headphones in.


The VK-1, also known as the “Valkyrie,” may well be Aedle’s first headphone, but the company treats this pair of headphones better than most products from other companies.

They are $599, after all, but the experience of owning a pair of VK-1 headphones seems to start from the box, where you’re treated to a thick box that looks premium, with a moulded casing built to match the headphones, accessories fitting neatly in a small cardboard box, a furry little pouch made to keep the headphones in good condition, and a metal card printed with your limited edition number on them.

Already, that’s a good start to a pair of premium headphones, but we’re not interested in the box. No, we’re interested in the headphones.

Take the VK-1 headphones out of the box and you’ll see a pair of simple and elegant headphones, with aluminium encasing the cans, steel for the headband, and ear pads and the material covering the headband both made from tanned lambskin leather.