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Inside this machine, Aldi has provided a 19-bar pump and claims to have a 20 second warm up time. Pods are loaded into the machine one by one using the K-Fee variety of pods, while the water tank out the back holds just under a litre at 0.8L.

No milk frother is included by default with the Expressi 2015, though Aldi does make one available for $27.99 extra as a separate unit to be run along the side. This means if you want frothed milk, you’ll need to use two power plugs, one for each appliance.


For now, let’s just focus on the Aldi Expressi, because unless you only want textured milk, this is the appliance to take care of your needs: coffee.

We all want it (most of us, anyway), and Aldi’s Expressi pods are designed to offer it when used with water, serving up up to 12 varieties of coffee, and two more options if you want milk based beverages (chocolate or chai).

Aldi’s pods — like the machine — endeavour to be inexpensive, with a 16 pack of pods fetching $5.99, which Aldi says makes each cup of coffee translate to about 37 cents each.

That’s a pretty hard price to argue with, so is the coffee any good?


It’s not bad, that much we will say.

Granted, coffee blends tend to be an acquired taste, and we certainly found all four of the blends Aldi let us try — Reggio, Valleta, Calabrese, and Decaffi — relatively bitter in comparison to other blends used on other systems, though that’s our preference.

In fact, it’s likely these espresso varieties would pair better with milk, textured or otherwise, softening the strength each had instead of forcing themselves on your palette.


The crema certainly surprised us, with a relatively thick and certainly noticeable milky top that managed to look more pronounced than other pod systems, Nespresso’s included.

The result was also hot, which is the way you want it, and given that the operation is as easy as you’d expect it to be — simply pop the pod in, close down the handle, and press the button to warm up the machine or (if it’s already warm) to start the flow — there’s no doubt that Aldi’s Expressi is a good system for someone who likes coffee and doesn’t want something complicated or pricey.