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We did find a few issues with the Aldi Expressi, one of which being that it really does prefer small cups, and we’re talking small.

Espresso glasses will be fine, as will glasses made for long runs of espresso and small mugs, but standard-sized mugs will pose a problem and won’t fit. Tall cups aren’t even worth trying.

To make the larger mugs and tall glasses fit, you’ll need to remove that drip tray which clicks off quite easily and can be left to the side.


You may also find the buttons a little confusing, or just one of them. The first two are pretty obvious — short and long — while the third is for a milk cycle.

There’s only one problem: the milk frother has nothing to do with the milk cycle button.

Instead, this button serves as a cleaning cycle, but we’re a little unsure as to why the milk cycle button is even labelled as such.

It’s minor, sure, but shouldn’t it be an icon for cleaning if that’s what the machine is going to do? Maybe it’s just us that thinks this way.


Our one other concern happens on the inside of the machine, and it’s something we saw, though we’re not sure if any concern should be raised. Still, we’re mentioning it in case it needs to be, because that’s what we do.

Simply put, there is excess water dripping into the spent capsule holder, and we’re not really sure as to why.

You’ll see it if you look hard enough as the coffee finishes pouring into your glass, and this tends to accumulate in the spent capsule tray. It’s not a terrible thing, mind you, and certainly not a deal breaker, but definitely worth pointing out why it’s worth cleaning this section out on a semi-regular basis.



It’s hard to imagine why someone would go out of their way to buy a mediocre coffee machine these days, especially when espresso makers are now down to sub-$100 price points and not bad for what you get.

Case in point, Aldi’s 2015 series Expressi unit is tremendous value, offering a sleek yet boxy design that can fit into a slim spot on your kitchen counter with decent coffee that is very, very hot.