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Make no mistake, Allocacoc’s take on the power strip is an interesting one, and its cute and portable design will definitely grab a few people keen to have something a bit different in their home.

Those people that want to lift their power from the ground will also find the Cube interesting, but be aware, it’s a fairly high cost for something that more or less amounts to some double sided tape, and that’s something you could do with any power strip.


Review: Allocacoc PowerCube
Price (RRP): $29.95 for PowerCube without USB; $39.95 for PowerCube Extended with USB (review model); Manufacturer: Allocacoc
Neat concept, making it a very small power strip; Has the option of USB ports depending on the model you buy;
Expensive for what’s on offer; No surge protection that we can see; Desk stand removes one of your power ports from the package;
Value for money
3.4Overall Score
Reader Rating 1 Vote